1/14 Introduction to WordPress

An overwhelming pile of information from a couple experts that are clearly new to training, but knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic. By the end of our 80 minutes, students had all created a WordPress shell that included two pages: “About Me,” and their Blog page. A few seem very interested in learning WordPress and developing their sites, others will leave their sites relatively undeveloped and use them simply for assignments. Both approaches are are OK with me. As I reminded them at the end of the class, this isn’t a course in WordPress design.

I think most questions came from students with some intrinsic interest in WordPress. The individualized help they received was less confusing than the training, which tended to err on the side of too much information before they were ready to absorb it.

Adam and Ang will be available and happy to help individual students in the future, or we might decide to hold another session if the majority all have the same issues with WordPress. We are novices together.

I had hoped to be able to get some of my own questions answered, but didn’t even log on to a computer. There was enough to do getting the students up and running and, honestly, I don’t have enough depth of understanding of WordPress yet to be helpful to them beyond the basics. After all, Ang set up the class site for me. These students now have more experience with that than I do myself!


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