Informational Interview Assignment

Campus Interviews Assignment

Offices and contact information

CSB Office of Sustainability,  Judy Purman,

Abbey Retirement Center, Carol Lee,

Haehn Museum,  S. Moira Wilde OSB,

School of Theology, Patty Weishaar,

St. John’s Arboretum,  Tom Kroll,

Literary Arts Institute, Mark Conway,

Abbey Woodworking, Michael Roske,

Common Grounds Garden, Kate Ritger,

Men’s Development Institute, Ben Leighton,

Institute for Women’s Leadership, Lisa Tu,

Benedictine Institute, Gloria Hardy or Br. David Paul Lange OSB,

Episcopal House of Prayer, Susan Sink,

Each of the individuals listed above responded positively to my email request below. Here is what the interviewees already know about this assignment:

I am a librarian at CSB/SJU and this spring I am teaching a special section of FYS for transfer students. As part of their introduction to CSB and SJU I want to assign them to carry out interviews with people in areas less familiar to students—areas that highlight the wide range of talents, interests and careers that make these schools unique. I also hope for them to begin to understand how Benedictine values permeate CSB/SJU beyond the abbey and monastery.

[fill in the black] is one of those areas I hope to include. Would you or someone else be willing to meet with one or two of my students in late January? You would be contacted by them to make an appointment, and they will come with questions informed by their reading of portions of the Rule of St. Benedict, and their curiosity about [fill in the blank] and its role at CSBSJU.

Thank you for considering this request, and be assured that I fully understand if you cannot participate at this time.

Background readings about informational interviewing:

Crosby, O. (2010). Informational Interviewing: Get the Inside Scoop on Careers. Occupational Outlook Quarterly, 54(2), 22-29.

Dawson, E., Hartwig, M., & Brimbal, L. (2015). Interviewing to Elicit Information: Using Priming to Promote Disclosure. Law & Human Behavior (American Psychological Association), 39(5), 443-450. doi:10.1037/lhb0000136


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