Third Class 1/19

Back in the classroom after last Thursday’s WordPress training. Most have started blogging, specifically for class. Still not thinking of it as more than a place to post assignments, but that’s OK. . . after all, it is an ongoing assignment.

Dealt with Benedictine Values this morning. Those that resonate most with students are Community, Humility, the Common Good, Respect for Persons, Stewardship, Hospitality, Respect for Persons, Awareness of God. We tried applying those values to the now gone StickWorks installation “Lean On Me,” using this brief PowerPoint: (Stickworks Looking for Benedictine Values) and they responded quite well. I hope that gave them a sense of how the values highlighted in the Rule of St. Benedict play out in unexpected places and ways, and how important it will be for them to stay alert for other such examples in their campus interviews.

Introduced the Campus Interviews Assignment project at the end of the class period. They very quickly volunteered for most of the available areas, and to my surprise, each one will be doing an individual interview– no teams, although I told them that teams of two would be acceptable if more than one person wanted to interview the same person. Now to alert the interviewees to expect that contact, and help them prep for the interviews next period.


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