Fourth Class:Thursday, 1/21

Last night (thanks to a student) I learned how to insure that students have access to the attachments & downloads I post to the Assignments and the Calendar portion of this blog. I have to check security settings for the files (and it is easier to do with Google Docs than Word files) and the Google Calendar separately. The advantage of this is that when I need to worry about Fair Use I can raise the security level and “invite” each student to have access rather than using the default “public” security. Just have to remember to do so!

Spent most of this class period preparing students for their informational interviews. Freewrites on expectations, concerns, fears, etc , shared anonymously helped them realize they are all in the same boat: concerns range from inexperience with interviewing, fear of failure, general awkwardness with the interview process, not having enough questions, not asking the “right” questions, to finding a mutually agreeable time for the interview.  There are an equal number of concerns about presenting the information they glean to their classmates– some students feel real anxiety over such formal presentations. I tried to emphasize the fact that this is not a class on formal public speaking. We are an empathetic and interested audience; they don’t have to dress formally or stand at the front of the room, and the presentations will be spread over numerous classes based on when they are able to schedule their interviews.

I had them practice on each other, being interviewed and interviewing, by asking several of these general questions we brainstormed together:interviewquestionsThey seem bemused by my followup practice assignment: to pick one question to practice on with one of their current faculty by showing up during their office hours, and then posting a selfie with that faculty member and brief comment about the experience to their blog.

We ended class with a brief (too brief) stop at the MLK Week “Journey Toward Understanding” exhibit in Quad 170.


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