Fixed and Growth Mindsets

One of my students that is also in a Psychology class mentioned the concept of Fixed Mindset in class this week. For those that want to know more, and its application to college, this post from College Classroom will be worth reading– and watching the short video included.

Fixed and Growth Mindset and Assessment that Supports Learning



One thought on “Fixed and Growth Mindsets

  1. Peter Newbury says:

    So glad the resources from my College Classroom course are useful here, too. That was always my goal for posting and publishing online as a public blog, instead of buried and hidden in my institution’s learning management system.

    This new paper by Carol Dweck is really nice, showing the impact of fixed/growth mindset, not just what it is. I haven’t followed the trail of crumbs to the original papers yet, but Dweck says (p 40.) “the more a field valued inborn genius [fixed mindset], the fewer women and fewer African-Americans earned Ph.D.s in that subject.”

    Wait, what!?! Wow, that’s horrendous. And unacceptable.

    The big message I share with my students is this: You (the instructor) must have a growth mindset about your students’ ability to learn. You must believe they can learn your material. Because if you don’t believe they can learn (whether consciously or not), you won’t provide the right instruction, assessment, or feedback to help them succeed. EVERY student needs support, not just the one’s you’ve decided are the right kind of students.


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