Course Evaluation time

Dear Transfer FYS people,

As we’ve adjusted the calendar lately, this got lost in the mix. I had planned to give you class time for it, but don’t want to short our discussion time for Harry Frankfurt’s On Bullshit.  And, it doesn’t mix well with our final day plans for the potluck. If there is time at the end of class on Tuesday I will leave you to do it then.

The program allows you to start it, and come back to it over several days if you want.

Consequently, I invite you to complete this evaluation of Transfer FYS any time before April 30. (Why the evaluation closes before the end of the semester, I don’t know, but please get it done before midnight on April 29!)

Be assured that I will have no access to your evaluations before I have to submit grades on May 16, so be honest and thoughtful. The link below will take you to the online course evaluation for this class:

Thanks for your attention to one more detail at this busy time in your lives!



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