Final Assignment

End of Semester reflection

You have two ways to complete this assignment: as a written essay, or as an audio tour of your blog. If you choose the former, you will post your reflection to your blog. If you choose the latter, you will need to email me your audio tour because our free WordPress blogs do not support sharing audio files.Whichever you choose, please have it on your blog or in my email by 4pm on the last day of final exams, Friday May 6,2016

Your purpose is to reflect on your learning: how have you developed as a writer, researcher, thinker, and blogger throughout this semester and course?

You should comment on the quality and content of your blog entries. Here are some (neither inclusive nor exclusive) suggestions to consider:

  • Note where you have developed entries through adding media, copy-editing, or revising.
  • Consider how your approach to blogging changes depending on whether an entry is assigned or of your own devising.
  • Comment on assigned readings and other projects, and if/how they have contributed to your learning.
  • Also, consider how well the blogs you selected to follow have worked to encourage your learning, thinking, and questioning. Did you add different blogs, or drop some that you started following in January? Did they affect your own blog style or content?
  • How much did you follow your classmates’ blogs? Whose entries challenged your thinking? How much did you comment?

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of bloggings as a learning tool. What did you find useful, frustrating, challenging, fun, annoying, etc?

And finally, what advice do you have for improving this course next year?


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