Course Blog

Welcome to FYS 201 02S for transfer students.
This WordPress site is my alternative to Canvas. You students will each develop your own blog as a space to share your critical thinking, writing, and research skills. You will be thinking and writing, not (just) for me as your guide, but for each other, and for readers around the world that may connect with your ideas.
In addition to developing your own blog, you will identify and regularly interact with several reputable blogs on themes of interest to you. In this course blog, for example, you can see that I follow Brain Pickings, ProfHacker, In the Library with a Lead Pipe, and The Teaching Professor Blog. I read a lot of other blogs occasionally, but these are the ones that I’ll be keeping up with and commenting on in relationship to our course.
Although I have been reading blogs for years, this is my first time developing one of my own. I’ll be learning WordPress along with all of you.
Your blog will showcase your developing sophistication as a thinker and writer as well as your mad skills with the WordPress platform. Potential employers will be impressed finding it when they check you out before or after an interview. In our increasingly digital world such skills are practical and highly marketable no matter your major or intended life goals.
In addition to blogging, this class will develop in response to a variety of events on the CSB and SJU campus throughout the semester. Some you will elect to attend on your own, others will be assigned by me. Student tickets to FAE events are cheaper than textbooks! We will also take advantage of several Open Online (free to you) textbooks and websites for advice on writing and research.
In addition to the academic learning goals established for FYS by CSBSJU, I hope to make this class stimulating, enjoyable, pragmatic, and useful for all of you.